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Recycling Center; Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Electronics...

PARK AVE Recycling & Auto is helpint clean up our environment! Bring Your Metal Scrap, Cars & Trucks

PARK AVE Recycling & Auto is NOW a Recycling Center that has been in business for over 30 years. Started as a Auto Salvage Yard, NOW a complete Recycling & Salvage Center in East Volusia County, Recycling Cars, Trucks, and buying ALL types of metals, including E-Scrap (computer and electronic parts).

PARK AVE salvage logo

We Buy ALL Types of Metal Scrap on our Drive-on Scale and Small Items Scale; Computer Weights

We purchase your Scrap Metals, Copper, Wire, Aluminum, & Vehicles - running or not, and Recycle Responsibly. Offering Reasonable Prices. You deliver, or we can arrange towing. Let's clean up our environment. Need Money, Bring Your Scrap to Us CALL for prices: PARK AVE Recycling & Auto, Edgewater/New Smyrna Beach area (386) 428-4934



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